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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bowel Asserts Itself

I chose 'random' route on the treadmill. Random has hills and flat sections. I had decided to do 60mins straight. I was at the gymn early so that I don't become the treadmill hogger to the regulars who start flocking at 5:30pm. I was really getting my butt kicked by the exercise but I was determined to complete it. But after 45minutes, my stomach dictated and insisted that I had to go. Despite my valiant efforts, gritting my teeth, squeezin my butt, ignoring the urge etc, alack,alas, I had to go. Or there was going to be a catastrophy right there on the treadmill with unmentionable spatter and foul smell. And we didn't want that. So, go I did and on coming back, someone had grabbed the treadmill, as I half-expected. So I biked for 15mins and did weights, stretched and called it a day. It was thorough though. And I am satisfied.
So tomorrow I leave Imperial Beach Hotel Entebbe I reunite with my suffering wife in her third trimester who is suffering constipation from hell and take a break. Oh, btw, I am watching Game of Thrones and loving it.

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