Tuesday, September 27, 2011

11.3k GarminPhilic

Today, gung-ho with the garmin, I decided to give the 12Km/hr target another go. Like a complete idiot.
So I set off at about 2pm. It was sunny but there were episodes when the clouds protected the mortals below from direct UV radiation.
Our baby took it upon himself to ensure we dont sleep a wink last night so I wasnt exactly fresh but goals have to be met and runners gotta run. Yes, babies gotta cry too. So off I went. I wanted to make it a tempo run and I sorta did. As at 6Kms, I had averaged 11.4 Kms /hr. I struggled to push it to 11.5 upwards but the sun emerged and it was made clear to me why I should always do hard then easy, not hard/hard. So at 8K, my form went to hell and I slowed down. I had to succumb to everything. The heat, fatigue, But it was good. The garmin did not disappoint and it is able to measure distance in metres. Now I am feeling drained and overtraining is written all over my system. Tomorrow is either easy or biking. Never ever, will I repeat a hard/hard again. Damn!
What I have decided is that I will within the next 4 weeks, run slightly above 12Kms/Hr. That is my target and I think it is achievable.

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