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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to Training.

I have been doing 1 hour runs for three days now.
Now that Trevor is with us, our sleep patterns have gone to hell. Now there is no sleeping; just surviving - when he lets us. We go by his whim and hope we can survive
Anyways, I rested for four days after Ndakaini. Going down its steep hills was like moving forward with a judoka pulling you to the ground. So my quads and shins took the resistance and ached for quite a while.
The next two weeks will be easy to navigate because I am on leave and can run almost anytime. I ran at 6.20pm on Wednesday, yesterday I ran at 11am and today I ran at 1:30pm. Since I am not going to work, I am flexible.
But once I resume work...Like Kodi Maverik said in Surfs Up, winners always find a way. And I am a winner. So I will find a way.
Anyways, my garmin should be arriving this weekend.
I want to sensibly up my mileage and work on my speed. I have about 2 long runs and one group run left then I taper off for Stanchart.

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