Thursday, March 28, 2013

10X1000m - groin pull

I attended a cocktail last night and woke up with a full stomach. Damn uncomfortable feeling. I decided to do 1000m repeats. Targeting ten reps.
So I jogged to the pitch. After a while guys started streaming in.
I started sluggishly, my belly a sack of sand attached to my midsection. At the 3rd k, my feet were so heavy and I was struggling like hell. I felt heavy and I just couldn't move, hard as I tried. I could not believe it. Was it that the overeating had caught up with me or was it that my legs had not recovered from the 13K?
But I decided to soldier on even as I was getting my ass kicked and surprisingly, by the 5th Km, my body started to gerrit just when I was considering conceding and doing doable excercises like 100m repeats. It was still hard but at least I was clocking semi-decent speeds.
Ultimately I managed to do 10x1000m.Tough as hell. I think I have injured my groin I need to read up on groin injury.
Here are my splits:
Now I rest and nurse this groin thingy. Keep running fellas!

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