Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13K in 1:00:22. I have a Kick!

I was up @ 5:35am. By 5:50 I was ready. I pulled back the curtain and peered outside.

There was life but no light. It was still dark. I stretched and put on the telly. Power Breakfast was being advertised as coming up next. I flipped channels. The Star is packed with Indian stuff.

I checked again at 6am.

Still dark. I removed my days clothes from my suitcase. 6:07am. Peered outside.

Still dark.

Darkness be damned. If the mountain cannot come to Moses, Moses will freakin go to the bloody mountain.

I stepped outside. It wasn't cold but that's expected because we are near the lake.

At some part of the street, I met about eight dogs. Some stretching and displaying their fangs, some just lying about waiting for some action.
There was no other way to the field and I wasn't gonna risk being mauled by a pack of mangy dogs. So I acted like I was making a U turn hoping to use someone as experiment. A guy and a woman walked past me and then them so I did too.

It was still dark by the time I reached the pitch. I figured it must have been about 6:20am.

Are these guys so inactive that even daylight feels its wasting itself on them?

Aaanyways, I decided to start. I didnt have much time. I needed to be at the meeting by 8:30am.

So I started. Some guys came trickling in after ten minutes and by the time I was finnishing, there were about 8 guys scattered all over the pitch.

Four clueless ones doing Karate moves. One semi-fit one jogging several laps. One zombie attempting backpedaling in slow motion with his heavy feet dragging in the dirt. One guy I had wasted sitting and watching me go round and round.

Two guys smoking bhang and just watching. An old man sparring alone. Two guys doing 40 metres suicide laps.

At any rate, it went well. I am improving my running style. I have a style where I dont lift my feet high and I can move quite fast in that style except it seems to tax my quads.

On the last lap, I decided to lift my feet and finnish fast. I wanted to do 13K in under one hour! I was so strong with 100m to go but I was suddenly through! I was flying and could have done another 200m fast! But It was over and I had met my goal.

Then it hit me!

I have a kick!

I have a finnishing kick! If I had started 500m earlier, I could have cleared 13K in under 1 hour!

So now that is something I need to start perfecting.

My final time for the 13K was 1:00:22 average pace 4:39min/Km. This is very encouraging. I hope by the end of April I will be able to do 14k in 1 hour. That will be explosive. But first, lets nail this 13K in one hour target first.
I note that I run in surges, which may not be very efficient. I need to learn to pace myself better.

The splits:
1    4:44.3                                
2    4:46.7                                
3    4:42.4                                
4    4:40.3                                
5    4:39.9                                
6    4:40.3                                
7    4:37.0                                
8    4:36.2                                
9    4:40.3                                
10    4:44.5                                
11    4:35.8                                
12    4:39.3                                
13    4:15.2        

Last 5K in 22:53. Not bad.   



mista maQ said...

It seems u have finally gone unchained...now that's some good speed, i am so looking forward to that group run of May just to check whether I will keep up or play catch up. Keep running!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. When we will be able to do 15K in one hour...we will have arrived. Its doable.