Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clawing Back...

I did a one hour run on Thursday and completed 12K in 1:00:46.
My calf injury was alive and well and my calf was tight and sore. So I pulled back and didnt run over the weekend. On Monday I walked home. My calf felt alright.
So yesterday, Tuesday, I was back at it and did 12K in 57:56. Which is an improvement. I was definitely faster and I was able to commit myself into it much better. A cramp threatened but never materialized. I now want to try my best to be able to do the 12K in 55mins then I complete the one hour run then I can start to focus on completing 14K in 1 hour.
I have found a way to manage my weight. I am a kind of sugar addict and that is the bane of my weight issue. I pick apples at Nakumatt and have substituted them with bread and tea. Its working.

Keep running.


mista maQ said...

Now that's some good speed - I've realized that once you have done some serious long distance running, speed will come naturally in the shorter distances. I am still out with a calf injury for the second week running...Keep the spirit.

Running Writer said...

Thanks. Pole. Walk it out. Blood flow to the injured parts hastens the healing.

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