Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 2: Testing My Limits

This was an interesting week. I only had four days to log in the mileage of the week amidst a busy work schedule.
On Monday I had toilet drama and I had to go at 10K – and I used the roadside bushes to great relief - the person who invented roadside bushes is a mf genius!
And then I stumbled in the dark on a rocky, torturous route for 8K like a complete idiot. On Wednesday I bit more than I could chew, ended up with an empty tank and had to resort to run-walk in order to complete the workout.
Amateurish crap! Can you believe that shit? Dis-gusting. Nkt!
But like I keep saying, the beginning of wisdom is the ability to laugh at yourself.
The greatest thing is that I didn’t get an injury (and that’s my number one priority). And I am so glad the training days for the week are over! I can’t wait to sleep up to 6:20AM for the next two days! Yay! The other great thing is that I completed the workout as scheduled and I am also sure I am achieving my second goal of weight loss. I shall now begin my long slow runs next week while maintaining relatively the same weekly mileage. I only pray or patience to keep it slow and easy for the next three weeks then we can start injecting some speed once we know we have strong legs.
I need to remind myself about the basic principles: It ALL counts. Run the mile you are in. Long Slow Runs. Build Mileage First, speed later. 
Without further ado, here are the workouts.

Next week, we start long runs. Onwards and Upwards!

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