Friday, September 2, 2016

Coming Back

This is my comeback week. I registered for 42K so there is no time for pussy footing and half assing. Of course, while observing reasonable care.
Because two of the injuries I got this year were both obtained when I was trying to produce fast tempo runs, I have decided to be humble and set speed aside.
I just want to run.
Because I know my cardio is fine, I also know I can cover long distances, the only problem is that my body is not ready so I have to take it slowly.
But I also learnt that I need to shed 12Kgs to get to my race weight.
To strengthen my legs while also burning lots of fat, what I need is high mileage. I started slowly but traveled to Kigali on Monday. Kigali is hilly and so my knees said No to going slowly on the downhills and so I increased speed a little and was running much faster from wednesday.
This week is 96K. Hell yeah. I will take it.
I now rest for two days and hope to hit 100K next week.
Keep rolling folks!
Sunday          15   
Monday        16   
Tuesday        12+6
Wednesday   16   
Thursday      18   
Friday          13   
TOTAL        96.3   

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