Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Training Day 130. 14K in Tororo

Enough with the moping already. Whats done is done. After all, Patrick Makau, Eliud Kipchoge and Linet Maasai are all out of the olympics line up and they have to live with that. Who am I? I am not even an amateur.
I did a 14K today in Tororo. Mostly on Tarmac.
Sometimes I get into conversations with friends and its kinda sad when one talks to someone who completely is tone deaf to what competitiveness and athleticism is. They completely don't see why anyone should try to get better at a sport.
The fire that I find in athleticism and the challenge in pursuing an athletic dream is like nothing I have never experienced before and its so off-putting to talk to someone who does not get it - completely.
In fact, sometimes I don't want to talk about it at all. Someone, mostly someone who is completely unfit and completely ignorant about running and completely uninterested in running or sports and often someone who is flawed and not interested in personal growth and improving themselves, will tell you that what you are doing is "too much."
Too much? Who is to decide for me what enough is and what too much is? Do these guys understand what it feels like to chase a goal and the transformations one goes through in pursuing a challenging goal? Do they know what it does to someone's character?
Of course they don't. These are mostly conformist types who follow beaten paths and hate it when they encounter a free spirit willing to set a goal and pursue it alone. Without looking over their shoulders for approval or support or company. For no reward other than the feeling of satisfaction after meeting the goal.
That is who I am and its so exciting and comforting to find a kindred spirit - like I did below. I know there are many like myself. Old and slow and fat as I am. But for me, what matters is that fighting spirit that makes one get up after being knocked down. The warrior spirit. I like it when Rashad Evans says EVERYONE IS A FIGHTER. He says everyone to mean athletes/MMA fighters. There are guys who like it easy and they hate it when someone chooses the hard. I guess it makes them feel less.
I love this Lolo Jones video which I found on the net yesterday. It motivated me and inspired me. That fire that burns in her burns in me. I can relate to that shit. That dogged desire to keep working hard and getting better. I don't know when I will stop but I am hooked. And I am getting better gaddemit.
These are some of her photos:

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