Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Training Day 131: 12K with a K in 3:48

I found an excellent route today. I would like to do a double today in preparation for the intense weeks ahead. I even did a 3:48min/Km today! Fastest I have ever run but I ran it poorly as you can see from the pace chart below: The first 500m were too fast and then I had to slow down because I couldn't sustain it over a K. This is great. It means if I run sensibly, I can run a K in 3:35 or thereabouts!
Lets see how the day goes. If I get time I will add an 8K and attempt another fast K.
I was so pumped up by Lolos video I even dreamt I was talking with Kara Goucher.
Aaanyways, I want to be blending intensity with volume from now onwards, though speed component should be about 5% of the total volume.
For the first time, I am truly understanding the importance of the adage: Surround yourself with positive images.
This is vivian Cheruiyot. She is going for a double in 5K and 10K at the Olympics. So is Sally Kipyego and so is Mo Farah and probably Bekele and Dibaba.
Now it takes balls as big as churchbells to even contemplate that. If you see the way guys like MoFarah, Rupp and Bekele are training, my God, to even think of doubling is infuckingsane!
Kudos to her and we wish them the best in the training.

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