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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 Training Day 134: 15K in 1:12

I had next to nothing for lunch. But I hydrated well. My legs were still sore from Sundays hard 21K. But I said I have ran a 21K two days after a race and did better than the race. The sun was blazing hot but I took solace in the fact that I was wearing sunglasses, a cap and was well hydrated.
So off I went. The sun was blazing but I was determined.
I started well. And continued well. It was a fight but I could control my speed.
At 14K, I felt my legs tiring. For the first time in almost four months. By 15K, I was actually feeling the fatigue. I thought about it and decided I will take it. So I stopped at 15K in 1:12. I felt ok after the workout. I didn't feel whacked but I couldn't sleep at night. Its like my body had been shocked or something.
Next week I want to up the mileage as I never have than the following week speed work then I try a sub 1:40 again between 23rd and 26th July. I want to try sustaining the intensity as I up the mileage.


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