Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Training Day 136: 23K+15K

I did a 23K on Sunday at an avg HR of 144Bpm. My aim was to average at 145Bpm.
Today I did 15K at 143Bpm in Entebbe - while aiming for an avg of 145. I hope I can get time to do another easy 8K in the evening. My target this week is 120K.
I have started a new blog: to give my writing more focus and a new impetus.
I have half-assed on my writing for so long and its time to stop being an ass about this. Its just not right the way I am pissing on my abilities and my dream of getting published.
So there. I will post my first post today.
From the results of 5000m diamond league Race in Paris last week, if Kenya is not careful, we may miss medals in both 5000m and 10,000m mens events. Completely! Imagine that!
In 5K, we have to worry about Mo Farah, Lagat, Alaminarew and some other Ethiopian guy and probably Galen Rupp.
In 10K, we have to worry about MoFarah, Bekele, Gebremeskel and probably Rupp.
We are secure in mane and womens marathons and 800m. Also secure in mens 1500m. Not secure in womens 1500m. Womens 5000 and 10000m we are 50/50 because Dibaba is back though I suspect that the pocket bullet is stronger than ever.


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