Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Training Day 143: 21K in 1:48

I did 21K in 1:48 - targeting HR between 150-160. Tomorrow I will go for a 24K targeting 145-155HR. I have decided to go hard now that my mileage has dropped. The whole thing is about stimulus. Stimulus! I have to engage in training that will provide my body with stimulus to improve: not just put in miles. So that means going hard! Merely doing 21K is no longer Stimulus. It has to be 21K at a certain HR.
After I was done, some guy approached me at the parking and shook my hand as he took off his invisible hat. He looked like a rich man from his dressing and was all debonair. I recalled seeing him shuffling around the truck as I was running in the field.
"Man, I have to take my hat off to you. You are incredible!" He said, looking at me. I had my rucksack slung over my shoulder and I had just emptied a puny little 500ml bottle of water. I was thirsty.
"Yeah, thanks" I said sheepishly.
"Are you training for London?...Are you going for the Olympics?" He asked looking into my eyes with interest. I was shocked.
"Naaah! what I am doing here is nothing compared to what those guys do. My speed is pathetic, I cant even run half as fast as those guys run!"
"But you were running fast! You weren't jogging and yet you didn't get tired. I have never seen anything like that. That is Olympic style endurance!"
"Are you training for a marathon?"
"Great man. Great. Keep it up. Good work"

Cheers guys.

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