Tuesday, May 14, 2013

21K in 1:36:37 - Sugar-Free days

Today I did day 6 of the 30 day ab challenge. Wah! Its not exactly a walk in the park as I thought.

I have decided that I wont be taking any sugary stuff, or processed stuff with sugar like bread on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. So my weight wants war? We will see who wins.

Yesterday, the sun was shining when I reached the field so I was worried about dehydration. But I wanted to test my fearless, strong core self. So why not attempt a sub 1:36 21k or die? I had realized, from marks Sunday run, that he was more fearless and was able to tap into the 4:2xs, unlike me, so I decided to be courageous yesterday and see what happens. I inadvertently messed my garmin settings and removed the distance alert. I did 7k in 31:31, 14k in 1:03:25, 18k in 1:22:xx then deteriorated to 21k in 1:36:37. I will take it. Thank you very much. Keep workin guys.

The Garmin treated the entire 21K as one lap so I had to use the replay button and stop at the distances to get the times. I deteriorated particularly in the last 7K but lesson learnt and I am glad I pushed myself. What is even more joyful is that my groin muscle has greatly improved and I no longer have to limp in pain after my workouts as I have been doing in the last several weeks.
At any rate, this is now my PB. I may revisit it next week with renewed vigor.

Here goes:


1 4:43_____4:43
2 9:04_____4:21
3 13:48____4:42
4 18:08____4:52
5 22:32____4:26
6 27:00____4:28
7 31:27____4:27_____31:27
8 35:55____4:28
9 40:21____4:26
10 44:46___4:25
11 49:30___4:44
12 54:00___4:30
13 58:40___4:40
14 1:03:29_4:49_____32:02
15 1:08:05_4:36
16 1:12:45_4:40
17 1:17:34_4:49
18 1:22:23_4:51
19 1:27:20_4:53
20 1:32:10_4:50
21 1:36:36_4:24____33:07

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mista maQ said...

96 mins for 21k - take it! we still have five months to stanchart marathon, i hope u will have gotten into the 80 something minutes bracket. Its do-able once you put ya head to it. Keep running!