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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Testing Group Run route - 24.67 in 2:03

My strategy was to run boldly.

I did. I did not do very well but I will take it.

The hills kicked my butt but I am not too worried. They didn't kick them too hard and I didn't give 100% coz there was nobody pushing/pulling me. I will work on hills in another month or so.

My focus in the next 30 days or so is to go down to 75-76Kgs and thereby do 27K in 2 hours on flat and 26k in 2 hours on our hilly route.
Right now, so many things are going right and I am so excited!

1. I am not injured and my groin injury is 90% healed. This means it is not such a big factor now.

2. I have lost about 2Kgs since I stopped taking sugar and I am now at 88Kgs. I hope to reach 77Kgs by the end of the week. If I can reach 75-76Kgs by 10th June, I will be able to talk 27K in 2 hours and consequently 14Kms in 1 hour and sub 20mins 5k by end of June. I have been following the Get fit with Blake brigade of "Drink a glass of water then click Like" mantra. So, less portions, no bread, no sugar.

3. The 30 day ab challenge is good! Very serious and challenging. I am on day 11 tomorrow. I am looking forward to meeting the challenge it presents. Can't freaking wait!

Without further ado, here are the splits.

1    5:08.8       
2    4:54.1       
3    4:26.0       
4    4:16.0       
5    4:34.2       
6    4:40.4       
7    4:30.4       
8    4:42.4       
9    4:35.3       
10    4:50.7       
11    4:35.5       
12    5:02.5       
13    4:53.5       
14    5:22.8       
15    5:45.4       
16    5:06.9       
17    4:27.6       
18    4:35.4       
19    5:22.0       
20    5:29.2       
21    5:41.7       
22    6:09.8       
23    5:45.5       
24    4:59.8       
25    3:21.9       
Cheers fellaz! Keep running. Drink a glass of water before closing this page.


mista maQ said...

It's great that I have a bottle of water handy, I will drink to that - u did justice to that route but I will push u a little bit, cut down @ least 10 mins or thereabouts - the ab challenge is a killer...keep pushing...u mentioned 88 kgs plz tell me that was a typo?!

Running Writer said...

Yes, typo. 78Kgs. If you can shave off six minutes from my time, you are ready for a sub 1:40 mins Ndakaini.