Friday, May 17, 2013

Balancing Act

My shins were aching and my legs remained wasted after the 1:36:36 21K. Yesterday I went to the field to do speed runs. My legs still felt like rubbish but I tried to put them through the workout and they did rubbish.
So I did 200m X 10 and banked it.
Amazingly, they and I, felt much better after the run. Amazing.
Anyways, its been long since I did sprints so this was a good break.
Today is day three without sugar. I just wanted to do one day cold turkey and see how it goes and I have realized I can do it every day.
Its a blaast! Weight is responding.
Abs challenge I am on day 9. The genius that made the programme has suddenly gone crazy on the crunches.
I discovered some very nice running blogs.
Cheers guys

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mista maQ said...

Now that u r doing what u have never done (the sugar bit) let's see how your weight responds...that ab training is jz crazy man - did day 7 today and looked at day 15 and jz wondered what I got maself into...but let the days roll in, I will jz repeat the days schedule until I can do all of it before rolling over to the next one. Keep that weight program going!