Thursday, May 9, 2013

23k in 1:46:07

I had to kinda skive work to make this happen. Sorry boss.

The weather was perfect although it was threatening to rain. From the low turnout at the field, several people didn't show up because of that threat of a downpour.
I had taken three days off running. The last 32k left me a shell. My legs didn't feel sturdy and I was tired. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was suffering from over-training.
So I took three days off. During two of these three days, I walked home to improve blood circulation and hasten recovery of my legs from that punishing 32k.

I have also been working on my core. The first properly timed plank (on my elbows) took 1:10. I am now doing crunches and targeting my lower abs, and the PSOAS - whatever that means.
The groin pain has improved but its definitely alive and well. And quite debilitating.
Initially, I wanted to do a hard 90mins run but I decided, why not do a fast one and see how it goes? In fact, why not extend it to 21k?

That decision was easy to make. I had time and I was well hydrated.
And so I started. It was not that hard, in fact, several times, I had to consciously slow myself down when I saw that I was moving at 15km/hr or more. I only started putting in serious effort from 17k.

The public service track is not flat (see profile below - its up and down 4m) and at 17k when I was going downhill, I caught myself allowing my shoulders to swing in a wide arc and I could feel that swing reaching my stomach muscles! That is what was causing my cramps!

So I held my torso in place and only allowed my arms to swing up and down, up and down as opposed to swinging in front of my body and back (shoulders).

My speed even picked up slightly because of my proper form! In fact, the 19th k was the fastest as a result.
It went well, I could have managed a 2 hours 26k if I maintained the pace for the next 3kays.
Unless I suffer from the Bekele problem (Bekele has been a monster on the track but has had problems transitioning to the road, where the big bucks lie), I should be approaching that sub 2:30 32K soon.
I really wanted to do hill runs this weekend. But I am also so tempted to give the 32K another stab at the same time just to satisfy my curiosity.

I will decide tomorrow.

In retrospect, last Sunday was just a bad day for me. I was capable of a much, much better performance than what I executed.
What is NOTEWORTHY, ladies and gentlemen, is that I maintained an almost perfect split time between the 7Kays. meaning I did not slow down over the 21k distance. In fact, I did negative splits! I have the 32K to thank for that: strong legs, stamina, aerobic power and ultimately, the toynization* of the 21k.

The 7k negative Splits

All the splits below

Total Time:    1:46:07
Calories:     2036
Avg speed:    13:0 Km/hr
Distance:    23:05Km

Split    Time    Distance Time Markers
1    4:35   
2    4:41    
3    4:43   
4    4:35   
5    4:34_____23:12   
6    4:41    
7    4:35_____32:29   
8    4:33   
9    4:44   
10    4:39_____46:27   
11    4:37    
12    4:30
13    4:32   
14    4:34_____1:04:42   
15    4:43    
16    4:35   
17    4:35_____1:18:27    
18    4:36    
19    4:29    
20    4:40    
21    4:33_____1:36:48    
22    4:37   
23    4:42_____1:46:07    

Keep running. I am a runner!
*I made that up. To Toynize is to make small, like a toy.

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mista maQ said...

Don't let the Bekele syndrome get into your head - u r what you become pronto! This is a great run, I wish u could've extended it to 26k but tomorrow never dies.
Do justice to the 32k stretch and settle that ghost of anxiety, curiosity and speculation.
After knowing areas to cover you then resume with the hills training. All the best man. Keep running!