Saturday, July 5, 2008

It worked!...Sorta

I opted for running three times a week (instead of two consecutive days then a rest on the third day). So I ran on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. My legs were pretty banged up from the previous week's run so I started slowly and worked my way up gradually. On Tuesday I ran for 30 minutes. An easy run. Since I was running on plain tarmac, I had to watch it lest my legs suffer the brunt of pounding on that hostile surface. I sorta felt sore on Tuesday but Wednesday saw most of the soreness gone. On Thursday I ran for some 36 minutes and I got sore also. And Friday saw the soreness fade away. And today I ran for 40 minutes and I do not feel sore. The distance I covered today, going by my slow pace, is around 8 Kms. I covered the same distance in 50 minutes in February this year and had to suspend running for a week and a half because that run woke up an old in jury.
At any rate, I am feeling great. On Monday I will start with a 45-50 Minutes run. If I can manage a 1 hour run, three times a week, I will consider myself free at last. I will be trying that in the week beginning on 15th July.

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