Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Run 12Kms - tried sub 20 5K

I went for my long run yesterday - after a long time - close to 5 weeks. It went well. After 7Kms, I decided why not try and see if I can do 5K in under 20Mins? And I said why not? So I glanced my watch and started pushing forward. I pushed quite hard and after some 8minutes, I had covered 2 Kms. Then it struck and all plan collapsed as quickly as it was conceived.
A stitch.
I slowed down and jogged the rest of the way. But I felt good for it. I think I could've done it. I got pretty banged up though and there is some slight pain in my hamstrings and shins - I think its the usual soreness and its purely muscular.
And Oh, I got myself a new pair of Reebok runners. Prety good stuff. Cant wait to put it to work tomorrow. Cheers.

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