Thursday, July 17, 2008

Legs getting Stronger but have long way to Go

My biggest problem in this running business has always been injuries. Leg injuries. From ITBL to splint shins. I read somewhere in MuscleTech that injuries are good because injuries are typically torn muscles. And one should even work the torn muscles harder so that they are replaced by stronger muscles. That must have been branch warren who said that. Here is Warren:

At any rate, these past four weeks since I started running three times a week, I have had to wrap a band round both legs to reduce chances of developing shin splints and reduce the devastation that the shockwave from my lower legs can cause as I step on the hard tarmac.

I have had to take a days rest after every run for my legs to recover and for the soreness to go away. I am glad to report that its getting better and better. In fact, my leg muscles are splitting as I am seeing. Take my leg muscles, particularly the anterior tibialis. It has been paining for two weeks now but today its dissipating and I feel the muscle has become stronger. I have learnt to transfer the pushing work to my left leg and so saved my right leg from the frequent injuries. I have also learnt to reduce my appetite for long distance so this year I may just make the 21Kms in 1.5 Hours.

40Minutes Regimen
I have decided to stick to 40 minutes. My strategy is to pack as much distance as I can in 40 minutes. So far, I am doing 6.5Kms in 40 Mins. My target is to do between 10-12Kms in 40 Mins.
So I will be striving every time to increase the distance I cover in 40 Minutes. Hopefully, in another four weeks, I will be able to run every day. Note that people who run 5,000M races cover between 60-200Kms every week. Yet I am aiming to run 21K and I am covering only 18Kms per week at the moment. So I still have lots of work to do. But I am alright. Just doing the right thing. One day at a time.
40 Minutes it is baby. Today I added another 100m to the 39minutes. I am gonna kick ass this time.

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