Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Writer shouldnt Wrun

Crisp cold morning. It's 5.15am. Few people moving about. Some are huddled at bus stops. The wind so cold, it has a bite. It snaps at my eyes. Tears well in them. I wipe them away sedately. Running man running.
I start slowly as I manoevure my way out of the buildings towards the road. I am wearing a tshirt, a sweat shirt, and today I have added a high-visibility vest on me. I cover the first Km and reach the roundabout then turn to Jogoo Road. I meet night guards leaving their night duties walking home. I am highly visible to I run at the edge of the road, not on the uneven, rough pavement.
The streetlights in the last Kms before I turn back are off so I run in the dark and I do it on the road. When vehicles approach, they give me a wide berth. I observe in satisfaction: the high-visibility jacket works!
I eventually turn after 20 mins and run back, I am paying attention to how I lift my legs, how I propel myself forward, and most importantly, how I place my feet on the tarmac. I lift my legs clean off. When I reach the gates and check my watch, its 39 minutes. I am glad as I pounce up the four floors. I enter the house and stretch, do some 30 press ups and 50 squats for warm down, stretch some more and then polish my shoes and make some breakfast.
I turn on CNN's AC 360. Apparently, the Bush administration have grown some brains and realized that negotiating with Iran to stop its nuclear program is not such an idiotic idea. This of course puts McCain in a bind because he has attacked Obama for suggesting the US needs to engage in "tough diplomacy" with "our enemies."
I take some roasted groundnuts and 5 slices of bread with some margarine and marmalade and black tea then leave.
I am 40mins late. I arrive in the office at 8.40am. I haven't finished reading Richard Carrier's Response to Stephen Davies, titled "Stephen Davies Gets it Wrong."
A Writer shouldnt Wrun. Wrunning is a FotherMucker.


Jadhoot said...

Good for you man, good for you. I've been following your posts (though not making comments). What has struck me about this post that I feel I should respond to is the issue about feeling light-headed. It is a real change to have a clear head after the cobwebs are torn off. Mine came after I discarded a meat diet. It did not occur to me that this was the reason for the good feeling until I read about it in a forum for vegeterians. It may not work for everyone, but you can try it too. There is everything wrong with meat diets (hormones, antibiotics, mad bull disease, avian flu etc). Not that veggie diet is perfect (in fact, a lot of it is packed with sodium preservatives) but the simple veggie diet available in Kenya is usually better than meat diets by far. I urge you to try it on the run.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Jadhoot. I will try the veggie thing. Running is my therapist and my rejuvenator. It renews me and makes me feel great.

Jadhoot said...

Thanks. Actually, I should have used 'clear headed' and not light-headed, which might mean inebriation, a state of being achieved after consumption of inordinate quantities of drinks frothy, red, green and allegedly titillating to the tongue. Mea culpa.