Monday, October 4, 2010

21K LSR in 2:15

Yesterday was my LSR day. And I wasn't gonna miss it for anything. I was up at 5.45. Immediately I stepped out of the bed, I knew my ankle injury was alive and well. But I decided since it was not a running injury per se, it cant be that bad. After all, it was a skin injury, right? Well, wrong.
So I went to the sitting room and tried running on the spot. Too painful. I tried for about three minutes. It was painful but I decided I can use the rest of the day or the week to recover if it gets worse. After all, this is a test of my will to run against pain. Right? Well, not really.
So I left. Slowly at first, then I evened it out. The bad thing was that I inadvertently changed my form even though I tried my damnedest to concentrate and ensure I don't favor the injured right leg. The tongue always turns to the sore tooth, they say. But I don't listen, do I? Before you die, you pass out. Right? To overcome one pain, you introduce another pain. Right? Right but bad idea.
After some KMs, my left knee started aching like it was under some torque force of some sort. I kept straining to maintain good form. I met a colleague, Mahsen, walking at about 4Kms from home. I passed him after he couldn't pick up.
I went on, focusing on my form and avoiding favoring the injured leg. I finally turned at about the 10.5Km mark. I met Mahsen at the 14th Km mark still walking. I managed to stratech thoroughly and drank lots of fluids. I cleared the 21K in 2:12. I want to go sub 2 hours next Sunday then sub 2:50 on 17th and sub 1:40 on 24th and hopefully sub 1:30 on 31st.

Today I am still limping but I hope tomorrow will be better and hope by Friday I will be 100%.
Meanwhile, Chicago Marathon is stacked with giants.

We have Merga, Wanjiru, Kebede and Kiprono WTF!?????
Here is a list of their personal bests:
Sammy Wanjiru, KEN               2:05:10
Vincent Kipruto, KEN             2:05:13
Tsegaye Kebede, ETH              2:05:18
Feyisa Lilesa, ETH               2:05:23
Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, KEN    2:05:52
Deriba Merga, ETH                2:06:38
And below is a photo of Merga, Wanjiru and Gharib.


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