Tuesday, October 5, 2010

46 Mins Hard

 I was up 5 mins earlier. My leg had some pain just like yesterday. I stretched and hopped on it to test how bad it was. It was bad and painful. I rotated my ankle and leaned on it. Deeply. It was bad and painful. But yesterday was also bad so bad and painful and sunday it was also painful so it appeared that me and pain are one. So, bad leg? No problem.

I rushed into the dawn mist. I started the first 100m with quick short strides to help the legs warm up while not straining my ankle too much. By 400m I was okay and I let go. I pushed hard. Mist collected in my nostrils and condensed into water and the air rushing out from my lungs expelled the water out. My nostrils could be used to generate hydrothermal power right there, I thought.

I cleared the first hill in 3 mins. I reached the second hill in 7:10 (I normally reach it in 9 mins) and I cleared it in 11mins (I normally clear it in 13mins). I pushed and concentrated to avoid drifting into autopilot.
I exceeded my expectations for the first 20 mins and met my expectations for the next 3 mins, passing my last mark last week by about 50m. It was a rush!
I was constrained to negative split and ended up evening it out. I met several runners today.

I then did my warm-down routine and some strength exercises. It was good. My morning was disturbed when I scratched a car when I was moving out of my parking space. The driver was a bitch. I was moving slowly and my eyes were not on the road but she rushed past and my car scratched her. I was taken aback.

She stormed out and asked why I was hitting her yet she had the right of way. I told her I hadn't seen her but I am sorry and will repair her car for her. "When?!" She wailed. "This weekend" I looked at her camly. "This weekend I am not around" she shot back. "What do you suggest?" She asked for my house number and I gave her my house number and she stormed back to her car and drove off.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, German - Kenyans Leonard Komon and Micah Kogo, history's two fastest men over 10 kilometres on the roads, will face-off in the Asics Grand 10 in Berlin on Sunday.

Komon (photo below) became the first man in history to dip under 27 minutes in a 10Km road race when he shattered the World record in Utrecht, The Netherlands two weeks ago, clocking 26:44. Kogo, the 2008 Olympic bronze medallist over the distance on the track, was the previous World record holder at 27:01
 I was thinking of resting tomorrow but my legs feel better after icing them so I will ice them tonight and go for another run tomorrow.


21km, anytime said...

Pole about the leg man... but great progress.
Oh, and sorry about that b*tch whose car you scratched...

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. Leo nitaiweka kwa ice. The rule of thumb when it comes to running injuries is this: if running makes the injury worse, stop running. But mine is not getting worse so that's why I don't spare it.

Anonymous said...

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