Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ankle Goes to Hospital - Rest

I went to Hospital yesterday. Finally. The Doc said the ankle is the most sensitive part of the body - injury-wise and I should take care of mine. We even talked about the story of Achilles. I got some NSAIDs (painkillers), antibiotics and a pain-relieving cream for application on the injured area.
I am now not limping but the pain is there and my ankle is slightly inflamed.
I iced it last night and applied some ointment on it and I rest today. I suspect tomorrow I will go for it. Thats what it means to be a running addict.


21km, anytime said...

Pole man. Take some time off running - you can do other non-leg based exercises...
We ned you on the starting line on October 31st

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. Weigh in. Next week I will be in Malaba.