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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And ana 38 - Rained on

New problem: my weight has stagnated at a point I dont want it to stagnate. I have been okay everyday for the first 12 houre everyday then at dinner time that is when my efforts are eroded.
So what can I do to change this:
1. When am not running the next morning, try and have something very light for dinner, like a fruit.
2. Take two glasses of water before dinner.
3. Cut back dinner quantities even further.

If it is weight, I will lose it. Come fire come water.

Today i was up earlier and was off by 5:20 but affer 20 mins, it started to rain. Lets just say I was rained on pretty well. I did stretches and other exercises in my living room, iced my shins and tied both of them. Tomorrow I will go for another 6K. Here is Chael Sonnen. Guts and grit.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,
I suggest you focus on eating sensibly and building a good running base and/or speed and the weight issue will either take care of itself or be insignificant. Otherwise you will not achieve your running objectives and may still lose your battle to reduce weight. If you are currently doing 38, 40, 50, 75, 82 mins then you are doing relatively well. Remember races where perceived heavier persons have finished ahead of you.
If dinner is the problem then asked that the dinner made be reduced. Alternately, have the bulk of the dinner in terms of vegetables so that overindulgence does not result in weight gain. Also if the dinner is alot then put some into a container and carry it for lunch. Try also to eat slowly. If all these do not work then relax and concentrate on running.
George K

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks GK. Yes I will take your advice. I know it will work out in the end. Its all about improving, day by day. I want to have a good base by end of April, then I start speedwork. Hopefully, by then, I will be doing 2 hours each Sunday. Am just glad I have been able to keep my knees safe through lunges. Ni shins tu halafu baaaas.