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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am ok

I did a 48mins run yesterday and virtually felt no ankle-related pain after it. So I think I am healed. My shins and knees are also better. You dont know how exited I am about this. On Sunday I will do a 60 mins run and can now consider myself on the path to attaining this years athletic goals. I want to revenge in Mwea and want to go back to Ndakaini, test Sotokoto and meet my goals in Stanchart. What I know is that I have to do SEVERAL two hour long runs. And then I have to work on my explosiveness and speed.
This month, my main goal is to establish a routine. I ran 3X  last week. This week I want to do it 4X. Then I will average it at 5X with Mondays and Satos being rest days.
Here is Shogun. Huge fight coming up this weekend.
Huge fight.

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