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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Situps Exhaustion test 30 mins

I did my exhaustion test for the 200situps challenge and managed to do 90 consecutive situps. So I happily move to week 5 and the last column. For the 100 pushups, I will do day 3 of week 4 tomorrow. I dont expect problems there.
After the exhaustion test I went for a 30 mins run. It was good. It felt great. Then I did lunges, leg extensions and heel-toe walks. Then I iced my ankle and now will monitor it for 4 days before I run again. Tentative is the word. Progressive is the byword. So far, no pain. I hope to kick serious ass this year.

Meanwhile, my running hero, Sammy Kitwara, beat a top class field and Ethiopia’s Sentayehu Ejigu made a successful debut over 10Km to take the top honours of the 14th World’s Best 10K, an IAAF Gold Label Road Race, on Sunday (27) afternoon on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the Puerto Rican capital.
With a temperature at 25 C and 62% humidity, the race started at 5:25 pm and the Kenyan runners immediately took control of the race. Ebuya led a pack of 12 African athletes and covered the first kilometre in 2:43. The pack kept the tempo, passing the second and third kilometres in 5:27 and 8:12.

At the half way mark, covered in 13:43, the leading pack had shrunk to four Kenyans (Kitwara, Komon, Ebuya and Masai) and two Ethiopians.

Masai was the first to be dropped by the sixth kilometre (16:25) and shortly later, Ebuya, Kitwara and Gebremakel left Komon and Desisa behind to lead the proceedings.

Ebuya could not keep up with the pace and it was down to Kitwara and Gebremakel. They ran side by side until the eighth kilometre, when the 2009 champion changed gear to move 20 metres ahead and sped up to secure the victory.

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