Monday, October 10, 2011

14K Suicide Run

I was supposed to go for a 12K suicide run today but the weather was fair and I decided to go for 15K.
Shock on me.
In the first Km, I realized this was not gonna work out how I expected. I expected that I would be bursting with energy and would be controlling myself from going too fast.
Instead, I felt as if I was running in waist-deep mud. My legs couldnt move! And a glance at my heart rate showed me the problem: my HR was high even though I wasnt doing much. I had no energy. Instead of firing on all cylinders, I was shutting down!
That was overtraining looking right at me.
And I thought, damn! WTF? And I decided that since I was out to make myself uncomfortable, taking an overtrained me through a fast 15K would truly make me uncomfortable. And thats what I needed. Discomfort. Pressure. Tension.
I attacked the hills and held nothing back. The route ascends up to about 7K and so I returned slow times. But I resolved mentally to revenge on my way back. At 7Km mark, the sun came out and I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about getting baked in the 1pm sun, so I turned back.
And so 14K it was.
In the spirit or not giving myself room for comfort, I clenched my jaws and surged and struggled. And I started cutting down the times to sub 5min kays. I even decided to see how low I can go. After all, I should be targeting 3:50min per Km next year.
And I did! I even ended the last frame with a blistering (per my slow standards) 4:21! Amazing shit!
My average speed? 12.1Km per hour. Time 1:09:34.
I am scheduled to go back to work on Wednesday. I don't know what that means as far as my training but we will see.
This table shows how shit went down in the 14K. My target/ ideal heart rate seems to be 168-168bpm.
Stay active guys!

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