Monday, October 3, 2011

15K - with Intervals - 59Kms to go out of 100K

I went for my run today at 2pm, when the sun was blazing. Amazing shit. I didn't mind because I was donning a cape and was well hydrated and was to go for a 14K easy run. So off I went. But after a K, I felt good so I decided to try a sub 5mins 1K. I succeeded and decided why not try another one? I did and succeeded. I developed a stitch after about 7K. That is why I decided to do 15K because I ran further to give the stitch time to ease away. After it did, I decided to dip under 5mins for the next 3K. I succeeded. But it wasn't easy. Then I did another sub 5mins at the 14th frame. I am so excited. I need a coach to tell me what this means!
It means that out of the 15K, I covered 7K in 33mins.
It also means my next challenge is to see whether I can sustain this speed for 4 continuous Kms. I have done it for three, one and two. Next I can test myself against 5, 6 and 7. And if I can do it for 7K, I believe I should be able to do it for 10K. 4:45 for 10K yields a 45mins 10K and a 55mins 12K. With good mileage, I should be able to do 21K in under 100mins!
This garmin is a real motivator! Better than a coach!
Here is a table of the breakdown:

Great going! Now I rest.

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