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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do I have the Mitochondria for the required LT?

Today I have taken a break. I was so delighted to know that today is Wednesday. I thought it is Thursday. This means I can rest today and I have two days to clear the remaining 43K. And I will have covered 100K in one week for the first time since I was born.
So I have been reading up on how to improve my performance and I came across Hadd's training method and I think I have sorta followed it because I have striven to run a lot (i.e. daily and therefore slowly) as much as possible even as I have regulated between hard/slow. I have sorta tried to do LSRs every Sunday for the last two or three months. And I have improved speedwise and I have avoided tarmac and my splintered shins have got better or healed. I successfully run three successive Kms in under 5 minutes two days ago. That means to me that maybe I have capacity waiting to be used. And that sub 5 mins 1K, ladies and gentlemen, is my HMarathon race pace.
So, is it too far-fetched for a guy who has been slogging 6:20min/Km runs to aim at sub 5min/Km?
Maybe. Maybe not. What I do know is that I have 2 and a half weeks to verify this so that I dont go and burn myself out at the marathon.
What does Hadd say?
Hadd says "the more mitochondria, the less lactate; the less lactate, the faster the racing pace and the more economical you are at any pace, meaning you can keep that pace up for longer."
I have tested myself to keep the pace for about 15minutes. And I succeeded. Now tomorrow, I want to test whether I can keep the pace for 30 or 35minutes. My legs will be fresher tomorrow. The plan is to warm up in the first 1K then adopt the race pace for the next six or seven KMs and see what happens.
I can't wait to see me either succeed or fall apart. If I succeed tomorrow, I will test whether I can keep the pace for an hour next. Then 1:20 should be the last test.
I think I have done quite a load of aerobic training to test myself this way. This is Sally Kipyego. I like her gait and cadence.


Jacob Aliet said...

I have just re-examined the HR results of my 15K run on Monday. I believe what I should target is 165bpm +/-2 and that should do it. I hope it doesn't shoot up as it seemed to have been doing.

Jacob Aliet said...

My resting HR is 48Bpm. Hmmmm....