Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Training Day 79: Easy 10K on hills - The Rains are Here!

It started raining at 4pm and I had started accepting that I wont run yesterday but luckily it stopped and so I was able to run home.
I made it very easy because it was slippery and sometimes I was forced to leave the muddy pavement and run on the road. Only good thing is that there was traffic jam so the cars were crawling.
My bro Mark raised the bar for our running group with a 1:45:22 last weekend and I would like to stop my pitty patter and go sub 1:50 this weekend. But will the rain allow it? We shall see. I would really like to do a fast 17K today but again, will the rain allow it? We shall fuckin see.
PF still tight. Still stretching them damn ankles, shins and hammies.
Stay active guys!

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