Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Training day 81: 21K IN 1:47:25

Was up early. GK was in time. It had rained the previous night and it drizzled in the first two Kms.
It went well. The only problem I had was a sharp knee pain on the left side of my left knee. It forced me to seek the surfaces that slant to the right. I was strong and sufficiently fast otherwise.
But man, that route is hilly! I am even beginning to doubt the Garmin's elevation chart. GK found the course very challenging and hilly and we think Mark should try it too as we shoot for a sub 1:45 in May. GK returned a 1:49 and my time is up there so we achieved our objective, which was to run a sub 1:50. Now we can talk about 1:45 like people who have been tested.
Here is how it went. My slowest Km was 5:20 and my fastest Km was 4:40. I think its fairly accurate to say I have a new injury: ITBL.
I am yet to figure out what it means when my HR goes down yet I manage a relatively constant speed in the later parts of the run.
Now for the next week I can run slowly and every body can kiss it. Now gotta go and learn about my injury.

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