Monday, April 9, 2012

Recovering from ITBL injury - Review of 2012 first race

Today is rest day three and it feels almost completely healed. Tomorrow I will go for an easy run.
On looking at my race, I slept at the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Km and at the 18th and 19th Km so I need to watch them out. My start was great and my finishing was great. Between 11 and 17K I am fine.
Since this will be the same route for the sub 1:45 run next month, I should work on those weaknesses and be one with the route.
I should also incorporate regular one-legged squats in my routine to avoid ITBL injury and strengthen the gluteus medius.

My task as fairly easy to hit sub 1:45:
1. Weigh 79Kgs. Thats like 1.5Kgs. Easy as pie.
2. Maintain 70-90K a week for three weeks. Nothing new here.
3. Maintain the strides but have them more structured like 50m or 100m.
4. Avoid PF, ITBL and be supple all round.
5. Do not ignore early warnings of injuries. That slight pain, that tightness - is a sign. Attend to it before it blows up.
Cheers guys

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