Monday, May 9, 2011


I went for a 19K LSR on Sunday. I made it faster than last weeks LSR. It has been raining so I didnt run in the dirt paths as much as I would have liked to but oh well, runners find ways. Right? So I did. Man, cant wait to see the 3mins long highrise hill kill my running buddies. It took me 2:06mins.
It went well. I am learning to touch the ground swiftly and softly with my feet and also learning to concentrate on faster strides, quicker steps as opposed to longer strides for speed.
The position of my shins is ambiguous but I think it is better. I just hope it heals by end of May coz I am raring to speed up.
I am in Rwanda now and tomorrow I will go for a morning run. Hilly place here. I just measured my resting heart rate It is 58 bpm and topend spots rates this as the heart rate found in athletes. Great!

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Abraham said...

This may be a minor point, but the chart indicates the highest heart rate for a male athlete is 57