Wednesday, May 18, 2011

40 Mins Easy - on Pitch

On Sunday, having cleaned my clock, GK remarked that the dusty patch of earth near where I live is ideal for running because it is, well, dusty and therefore cushioning for the feet. He said he wished he had something like that near where he stays.

Today I decided to divert from my normal route and try that dusty patch that is normally packed with dozens of kids playing football every evening. Its normally a frenzy of dusty, sweat streaked football activities. About four matches at a time spanning various age groups. But the fields are not connected and have stones and gulleys between them so I picked the widest and the most even one.

At 5:30 am the lights from Kibera and nearby buildings are like moonlight on that patch and so I started running round it with that not-so-good visibility. By about 5:40am a footballer arrived and was doing some exercises in the middle of the field. I ran on as he busied himself with his ball.

I ran for 40 mins and it was good. Even my feet felt happy to take a break away from the concrete and tarmac. This is probably my ticket out of the quagmire of the splintered shins that has been killing me every fuckin day.

Of course, the thing about it is that its a relatively flat surface and also because its not that well lit so I cant risk running too fast. What I can do is  take the next two weeks as healing weeks and just run and see how my shins handle it.

I am starting to run 5X a week this week and I plan to buy a stationery bike over the weekend for cross training. If my shins heal I will be doing speed-work twice a week: once on the field and once on the hill and then on Sunday, Long Distance Runs.

It is time to add mileage and to grow faster and stronger and leaner. I am all over this shit. Believe me when I tell ya. War on the guys that handed me my ass on a platter.
Todays eye candy is a moment during this year's Boston Marathon.


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