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Monday, May 30, 2011

24K Run

I did a 24K run on Sunday on hills. I was faster and I felt strong throughout even though I took about 2:22. Today I have rested coz that tarmac is killing me and my shins were painful and there is a gnawing ache in my knee which is a signal that I should ensure my quads are stronger. Tomorrow I resume. I am in Mombasa but I have carefully strolled about the place looking for a soft landing and I saw a small field I can use. I was lucky enough to have errands to run and walk around so tomorrow I expect to wake up with my legs feeling much much better. No matter, this week, no more frenzied speed runs on tarmac. I start 50mins runs tomorrow. I intend to shed more weight, faster and much more steadily.
Rampage beat Hamill to a decision in UFC 130.


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