Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Training Day 31 & 32: 20K x 2 - 1:53

I did a 20K on Sato. I put up a fight but still ended with a 6min/Km. But just one. I did a negative split.

I had no legs then because I did a 55K on the bike the previous day.

Today, I did another 20K. Again, putting up a fight. No legs because I did a 52K on the bike last night. I did poorly in the first 10K, better in the second frame.

The pain on my lower back is gone. Shin splint is back, but gentle. Shin support helping. I was glad to see the back strain has migrated to my upper back. Timings were 1:53 on Sato and 1:54 today. I am not too worried because I ran them without legs. If I have fresh legs, I can demolish the damn thing but no worries. I need to keep my weight in check.

My weight is not good but my fitness is good. I am carrying 30Kgs around excess of Wanjiru and Makau's weights. Amazing shit huh?

Tomorrow, bike then try another 20K on Wednesday.



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