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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Training Day 33: 20K in 1:50

Today I did another 20K. I put up a fight and slashed 3mins off my last 20K. I biked for 65K and the Stat. ike showed I had burnt 1000 calories. I am not satisfied with my weight at all though.
Tomorrow I rest then attack again on Friday.
As my leave comes to an end, I have read Tim Noakes book and evaluated my last (Nov-Dec) training plan which was an epic fail and I am thinking of trying something else:

I will try the following training programme:
M - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - hard/tempo
W - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - Easy or speedwork
W - Off or XT
S - 20K Hard
S - 20-22K Easy
On a good week, this should yield about 80K per week.
I need luck coz balancing work, family and running aint easy at all.

So wish me...


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