Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Training Day 34: 20K in 1:53

I tanked after 17K but it went well. I want to sorta lay off the hard efforts and see if I can start getting a means of running to and from work.
I sometimes meet Kale runners coming from their runs at the bypass. They are caked with dust (the reason I avoid the bypass) and one can see that they are running on empty tanks because they have a poor form, they are heaving with exhaustion, the look in their eyes is not of stubbornness but of resignation that the work has to be done and completed. And you can see that every step takes effort. But they have given themselves to do that labor of love. No question, no quitting, no shortcuts, no breaks. The run must be completed. That is how they become winners: they give everything they have.
 Here is Kara at work.

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