Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Training day 41: 10K in 47:56:52 4.47 /Km Pace 5K in 23:23

Total time: 47:56:52 4.47 /Km Pace 5K in 23:23
I was focused on setting a time that I can chase over Feb so speed was on my mind. My shins were not paining and I felt great because I took it as an indication that there was something I was doing right.
I made a mental note: "warming up first is more important than stretching first" and "rest aint enough for an injury: you gotta address the cause of the injury"
So I warmed up for two laps and stretched. Put on cap and sunglasses (the sun was still so high!)
And off I went!
KM 1 : 4:21
Dude! Too fast!
But I don't care - what do I run 20K runs for? If I am still aerobically underdeveloped, may I be exposed!
KM 2 : 4:38
Okay, that's better. Can we maintain it? Its still too fast, need to slow down to 1:40 something...
KM 3 : 4:42
This is good. Lets keep it there.
KM 4 : 4:56
Too slow! Gotta lower it a little!
KM 5 : 4:45
Good. Lets stay there now.
KM 6 : 4:42
KM 7 : 4:54
Gosh, I guess I have been exposed huh?
KM 8 : 5:04
See? Ah toleya!
KM 9 : 4:57
We knew it. Didn't we? Its never a good idea to start too fast. WTF? Is that a stitch?
KM 10 : 4:53
Not bad. Not bad at all.

So today, I will walk/jog back home as I test the route and the experience of running/walking home - logistics, comfort level, traffic, dust level, and backpack feel.
My weight is dropping! Beautiful shit.
And I have started writing my book! I am gerring it! This is the year of doing epic shit ah tell ya!
Stay active guys!

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