Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walked Home - Learnt a few

I walked home yesterday. I achieved my objectives. I learnt the following:
1. I cant run with my bag containing shoes and water. The bag swings too much destroying my form.
2. I have to get another bag - a flatter one that will not swing. This one is too bulky.
3. I will have to be leaving my official shoes in the office if I am running home or from home.
4. Too much tarmac. They will have to be easy runs.
5. Home's shortest route is 7.5k and I can take a detour and make it 11K.
6. I can do it. Lets try again on Wednesday.

My legs feel sore. Shins. Still undecided over whether to make it a 6K followed by 1K X 6 or to simply make it an easy 10K today. It seems I will have only one speed session per week for the next three weeks. Possibly no time trial during the week when I am having speed sessions. Coz bitch ass time trials are hard!

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