Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Training day 42: 10K (with 1000m X 2)

I go hard bro. Wisdom did not prevail yesterday.
She screamed into my ears the whole day but even then, the god of speed was resolute and maintained that the son of gun had to do some speedwork. He stood everywhere, sinewy, muscular arms folded accross his vast chest. Eyes burning coals,
So wisdom left the scene in tears, her hand held to her face to cover her shame, her dress clinging to her beautiful body, glued to her voluptuousness by her tears.
I warmed up for 8K. Very damn careful with these speedy issues bro. In reverse, they can beat you more than yo mama.
And after an uneventful, kinda easy 8K, then I did:
1K in 4:01 14.9Km/h
1K in 4:04 14.7Km/hr
I gotta tell you, it was great because it was not that hard. I was comfortable except for some tightness I felt below my hamstrings towards the end of the last 1K. It sure as hell needs a massage.
My aim ultimately is to be able to do 15Km/hr and it seems within reach right now, especially if I shed a few more kilos and increase my mileage and speed-work.
Today I rest then get back to work over the weekend. Hopefully, next Tuesday I do 1000m X 5 then do an easy Wednesday and Thursday.
I go hard. Ef nigga.

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