Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Flies Man! Review

I was thinking of converting tomorrow to a time trial when I reminded myself that I should only do one after (every) four weeks.
So I checked my blog and there: I did my last 10K time trial on 31st Jan and the result was 47:56.
So instead of this week, I will do one next week.
What I love about the moment is how quickly I am able to recover especially from the long runs. I virtually feel as if I didnt run this last weekend yet I covered 37Kms! In the past, I would still be feeling the aches of the weekend long run.
Anyways, so I decided I will just do intervals tomorrow. Give it a good shot so that I can spend the next three days recovering so that Saturday can be wonderful.
It was on Dec 31 that I discovered that I had been running on fumes and I decided to start paying attention to my weekly mileage from January.
Lets see how I have progressed in 2011:

Jan_____wk1 N/A
________wk2 20+18+20 = 58Kms
________wk3 16+16+18+20 = 70Kms ..................(lower ankle pains)
________wk4 20(1:50)+20(1:53)+20(1:50) = 60Kms ...(fighting each Km - legs screaming)
________wk5 20(1:53)+10+10 = 40Kms......(Revert to moderate 21K @ Sato - no more fighting) 
Feb_____wk1 21(2:05)+11+10(47:56:52)+6+10 = 58Kms
________wk2 21(2:06)+14+12+7+10 = 64Kms...........(first sub 4 mins 1K!)
________wk3 21(2:01)+15+12+12+12 = 72Kms
________wk4 21(2:19)+16...Here is where we are. Tadey.
I am on course. In fact, looking back  But can you believe how much time has flown? Just the other day, I was walking home. Just the other day, I did a 2:01 21K. Jan was just the other day!
Anyways, let me walk on some errands around town today.


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