Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Training Day 55: 10K Home - Uphill

I ran home jana. It was an easy run. Uphill. I tried to avoid the tarmac as much as I could. I realized I have a very good course for uphill training. Yesterday My time was 1:01 so I could use that as a yardstick for my future performance.
My shins ache and there is a tingle in my left knee but I am otherwise fine. I will try an easy one today then call it a week.
My writing is going on well. I will need to find a way of logging nearly 80 Kms per week from March. I think I am finally settled on a Training schedule. Something that can sere me for the next four months or so. Until my speed is good. It should look something like this:
M - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - 1 hour Tempo run.
W - Easy Run home 10K - hills
T - 10-12K -Pickups/Strides with at least 3K warm up and 1K warm down.
F - Off or XT
S - 21K Moderate effort
S - 17-20K Easy/Recovery
Check out the elevation and route for my Wednesday run:

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