Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Galvanized - Strengthening My Resolve

My wife tells me there is a chap from South C who was run over by a car when he went out for a morning run in Mombasa road last week. His body was found in the City Mortuary after two days. After telling me this, she implores me to stop running on the road. It is a dangerous thing to do, she tells me. Please, I beg you. She begs. If you care for your family, please stop. I nod carefully knowing she is too agitated at the moment to listen. And I know of even greater horror stories for runners.
Anyways, last year I am aware that some five or so South African runners were run over by a car driven by a drunk driver. Those things happen. I am also painfully aware that sometime last year, a matatu flew painfully close to me. I had been forced to leave the muddy path and share the tarmac with cars when a heavy downpour messed the road the previous night.
But by and large, running is safe. I mean road running.
Its not even among the twenty most dangerous sports - rugby, horse riding, bull riding, mountain climbing and others are in that category. But running? Nope. In fact, I reminded my wife about a banker who collapsed and died while seeking permission from work to go to hospital. She was not even a runner. The maker had other plans.
So today, after giving her tons of examples and explaining where I run, I explained to my wife why running is safe and she finally grudgingly agreed. I told her that declaring running as unsafe is tantamount to declaring all the pedestrians unsafe - because I certainly don't run on the tarmac where cars are driven.
I have been thinking about my progress this year and I have realized that one part of me is scared that I can ACTUALLY run under 1:20 this year if I am serious. And I have realized that a part of me is scared that after that I will have nothing to aim for.
So you know what? I can do it? I can? Really? Lets give it a shot then. I want to focus and sacrifice. I have seen how much I am ripped now and how much its getting easier to clear the 21K. I want this. I want this so much and so badly.
I love the way of life, the discipline, the transformation, the struggle, the limitations imposed by age, by weight, by the fitness level by mileage, by career, by family, by time and by the human condition and how much I have to struggle to make progress. And how much the IMPROVEMENT is guaranteed if I stay the course.
Ooooooh, I want this and I am going for it.
Oh yes you bet your ass I am.


Carolyne Gathuru said...

Yup - staying active but clearly not focussed and not structured. Will up that.
Heard about the South C chap from a conversation filled with fear and trepidation at the gym this morning.
I live on Msa road and jog on that road on occasion. This conversation for sure had my fear antenna go up.
It's a balm to hear in your factual manner that this is a safe sport. Sounds quite logical actually

Jacob Aliet said...

Yeah. But dont forget the rules: a) Always run facing oncoming traffic. b) When you are running in the dark, always wear reflective gear c) dont run whilst under the influence or after talking drugs that can mess up your awareness. d) when you feel dizzy or faint, stop running and take a break e) Carry some form of ID in case of an emergency.
I often break the last rule due to kidnappings in Nai but thhey should pretty much take care of you. Cheers