Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Training Day 54: 14K - Still no legs man! Phuck!

It seems I fucked up pretty bad last week with those intervals. Now I am paying the price. You have to pay when you screw up. That is the law of life. Just like F=ma.
Maybe I shouldn't blame the intervals alone since I also did some strides and some hard tempo runs. Maybe my mistake was following three hard sessions in a row.
At any rate, no more intervals and no more occurrence of a hard day followed by another hard day.
I learnt so much yesterday alone and now I feel I know 95% of what I need to know when it comes to my training.
Yesterday, I set up to do 15K: 2K warm up. Tempo 10K and do a 3K warm down with strides.
What an idiot. That is a very crowded session right there!
I should just have done a 12K tempo with 1K warm up and 1K warm-down then reserved strides for Thursday.
Anyway, I tried. And my! didn't I fail spectacularly!
I realized in short order, amidst short breath, heavy legs and deep oxygen debt that I didn't have legs. I realized that I still have not recovered from the hard sessions last week! My legs are still sluggish and not strong. Here is how it went:
1K 5:29 141 bpm
2K 4:58 159 bpm
Warm up over. Now we start
3K 4:47 162 bpm
4K 4:45 163 bpm
5K 4:46 165 bpm
6K 4:53 164 bpm
7K 4:59 164 bpm
8K 4:49 171 bpm
9K 4:50 174 bpm
Onset of struggle and pain. Yes, pain. Bad pain. The one you wish your enemies.
10 K 5:43 165 bpm
11K 6:11 157 bpm
12K 6:37 150 bpm
13K 7:29 142 bpm
14K 10:47 118 bpm

This was a terrible, terrible workout. I struggled and my body is still feeling it. I will take it easy today. Man, those damn intervals!


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