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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Training day 51: 12K in Malaba with 4 x 1000m intervals

Man, I have been soaking up lessons from Tim Noake's Lore of Running. I hope I am not getting obsessed with this shit.
At any rate, I got a good nights sleep last night and today I decided to set aside the pride I suffered on Tuesday. The pride that saw me do two intervals and then shift to pickups. I so disliked not going sub 4 mins that I didn't see the point of doing 4mins+ intervals. My pride didn't allow me to accept that I hadn't got there yet speedwise. And I failed to recognize that I was running uphill. I read destroyer Watson's intervals in his site and I was encouraged to do what I can. The important thing is to go out there and be true to the workout and give it the respect it deserves.

Today, I accepted that since my legs weren't fresh (from yesterday's workout), I could excuse myself for not achieving sub 4 mins. The main thing I wanted was to hit my VO2Max and at least do four intervals from last weeks two.

And so after warming up for 3Kms, I did:
1 x 1000 in 4:36 (uphill)
1 x 1000 in 5:04 (uphill)
1 x 1000 in 4:07
1 x 1000 in 4:08

This means that this week I have done a total of 6 X 1000m intervals (the other two 4:19 and 4:33). Last week I did two. Excellent shit. I know I am a speed junkie in waiting and I know that injuries are just jogging around me waiting for me to fuck up and when I get overzealous and fuck up, they will fuck me up so bad...never mind.
Anyways, if I do 8 next week, nothing like it.
My strategy is to break into speedwork gently while navigating the treacherous landmine of injuries that surround me.

So anyways, I am glad I have stuck to 1000m splits and I am glad I haven't got an injury. I am doing tons of heel-toe walks for my shins, which are getting better, and ensuring I stretch thoroughly - quads, ITBL, back, hamstrings and back.
Tomorrow I rest then Sato I attack the 21K route. Again.
This weeks mileage? 21+15+12+12+12=72Kms. Now that is some tight shit right there. I am making legs.
Todays eye candy is Augustine Choge - 1500m champ. Not very easy on the eyes. Is he?
I guess not.
Keep active guys and remember. Behind today's success lies yesterdays struggles. I just wanna be the best runner I can be.

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