Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Training day 45: 12K and I dip below 4Min/Km for the first time!

Yesterday I browsed quite a bit on running and discovered more sites being run by runners and some are great writers - like Destroyer Watson, Reid Coolaset and Simon Freeman.
Anyways, I approached yesterday's workout with trepidation. I was worried about my tight hamstring and painful shins. So I had decided it won't be a time trial. Just a moderate run with speedwork at the end.
I decided to eliminate pre-running stretching and decided to instead just warm up into the damn thing then speed up after warming up. And stretch thoroughly afterwards.
The sun is usually high up at 5pm and I have decided to enjoy that and see it as "resistance" just like a hill. So I relish running while its hot. I also decided to make today's run 12K instead of the usual Tuesday 10K.
It turns out my speed has improved because I ran the 5:xxs quite easily without much effort or concentration.
Then after 10K, I decided to throw in some speedwork.
And my, wasn't I pleased with the outcome?
I did: 5:28,5:19,5:11,5:11,5:01,4:52,5:20,5:21,5:23,5:25
Then for the 11K, 3:58! That is 15.1Km/h! This is the speed I have been looking for!
For the 12K it was 4:14 or 14.2Km/h
So, for the first time, I have done a sub 4min/Km! This is great and I am happy about it.
Now I can aim to run a sub 8Mins 2K by end of Feb, No?
Today I plan to run easy homewards. That should be fun.


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