Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Training day 47: 21K in 2:01:49

Today, at the 10K Mark, I decided to do a circuit instead of taking a U-Turn. So I went on, past Karen Hospital, left Langatta Road, past Karen Professional Center, joined Ngong road then joined the bypass at 13K and ran on past Kibera to 21K in Langatta.
Today I was strong and even after the 21K, my legs didn't feel shredded and my body whacked. I stretched thoroughly and then did heel/toe walks, lunges, pushups and went home to hit the roller.
It was a great workout. Excellent route. Minimum tarmac. I think thats the circuit we will use for our 21K race in early March. I saw one or two serious runners and dozens of overweight (like myself - tee hee) and obese stragglers who I bet I wont see again for the most of the future. Some baba spotting a massive pot was in a white cotton vest, a baggy short and I bet, probably leather shoes. He seriously wasn't dressed the part. You could tell he did not know what he was doing on the road at 6:28am on Saturday morning.
Now I rest. Kesho 16-17K recovery run.
Now from 2:06 to 2:01, that is what I call a quantum leap.
Stay active guys!
Here is G. Mutai at work! Not much of an eye candy huh fellas? He will have to do because I have Final Destination 5 to watch right now.

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