Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Training Day 52: 21K in 2:19 No Legs!

By 3K, I knew I wasn't goin to do shit. I wasn't shit.
I went to bed yesterday with thoughts of turning around my training by starting to post sub 2 hours 21K training runs and today was the day I was to start doing so.
I slept late but woke up well. I had great expectations for the day. But as I reached the 3rd Km, I had to admit, my legs felt very heavy. I actually felt as if I was wearing shoes made of lead! Try as I might, I couldnt make them move faster.
Was this the "fuck you very much" that I was getting from overtraining? I looked at my garmin. My heart rate was around 139. My heart was doin nuthin!
So i wasn't overtrained. When overtrained, ones heart overworks even when there is no work being done. But my heart rate was low so I ruled out OT.
I had to admit that the chickens of too-much-too-soon combination of volume and intensity was coming home to roost.
I felt like someone stuck in mud.
I wasn't moving. Do I just bag it and go home?
I also knew I had, unbelievably and to my utter horror, piled some 3Kgs from nowhere last week. But that shouldnt be a big deal. In fact, if I am to burn it, I am to do so by running, not by going back home and crawling into a warm couch.
So I decided to jog it in. I jogged the 21K and completed in 2:19.
I am glad I am not OTd and I am not injured. Lets just cut back the volume a little and cut out the intensity this coming week. Aaaaight?
Anyways, I stretched, did heel-toe walks, pushups, lunges then hit the roller.
Tomorrow, recovery.
What a mind job!
This is Mary Keitany, currently, fastest female marathoner. She kicked ass yesterday in Dubai.

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